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Does Your Cup Match Your Outfit?

Christopher was selling this past weekend at the Pottery Friends Holiday Sale at the Art Centre of Plano.  The sale consisted of five nationally known Ceramic artists – Annie Chrietzberg, Chris Gray, Susan Kennedy, Niko Wiessenberger and, obviously, Christopher Melia.  For a first year sale, the turnout was fairly good and I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time, too!Pottery Friends Show Card

I love being at sales with Christopher.  I love setting up, arranging his pieces and making sure everything looks just right.  It’s fun meeting fellow appreciators of Ceramics and getting to know the people who might make a new home for some of Chris’ pieces.Pottery Friends Setup

One of my favorite moments from this weekend happened on Saturday evening.  A fellow pottery lover was sipping wine from her newly purchased wine goblet and made the comment, “Well, you have to have a goblet that matches your outfit!”  I must say, I love that attitude!

Now, anyone who knows me can tell you that I am not the trendy one in the bunch.  I can’t tell you what colors should be worn after Labor Day and my shoes never match my purse – I mean, diaper bag.  That being said, I relish the belief that your eating and drinking vessels should be an extension of your personality.  And if that means coinciding with your home décor or your cute new dress, then so be it.

Honestly, I think most people have the concept of this – who, given the option, is going to buy a set of dishes that doesn’t ‘fit’ with their scheme, décor or personal taste?  What I’m getting at, though, is taking it a step or two further.

I love being married to a potter.  Aside from the fact that the potter is my husband and I love my husband, I really do love his profession.  Part of that is because our cabinets are full of various handmade dishes and even if we have a set of something, no two things are identical.  Because we have acquired (and are still actively acquiring) other potter’s work, there is seemingly no end to the choices I have.  Each morning, I get to look around at all the cups and decide which mug I feel like drinking out of that particular day.  I get to choose which plates best go with dinner, what serving dish to take to a pot luck, or, my favorite, what vessel to pour my wine in!

So the next time you go into the kitchen, think twice about which cup you’re grabbing – how does it make you feel to hold it? to look at it? to sip from it?  Does the color and form go with what you’re consuming from it?  Does it match your outfit?  Okay, so I’m kidding about the last question (slightly), but really, if you’ve never given any thought to your eating and drinking vessels, give it a try!  It adds to the experience and gives a unique degree of satisfaction.  And if you don’t see anything in your cabinets that suits your fancy?  Go to a pottery sale!  There’s nothing like unique, well-crafted pottery made with love by those who love what they do.  Happy Drinking!


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